Saturday, November 28, 2009

sometimes we have two thanksgivings.

My aunt had to work on Thursday, so we had a family Thanksgiving on Wednesday so she could enjoy some family time. It was a pot-luck, very non-traditional Thanksgiving, which was cool because we did the traditional food on Thursday.

I always have an appetizer problem. Everything always looks good, so I end up eating too much...

My brother diced fresh onion, tomatoes, green and red peppers and then melted a TON of fresh cheese into it on the stove. He called it "Salsa con Queso," but I'd like to re-name it "that damn cheese dip that almost spoiled my appetite because it was so good."

My dad grilled turkey and beef burgers, mom brought veggie burgers, but I didn't even need one. Here is some of the table...

Here's my plate with veggie couscous, cabbage/corn relish, cucumber raita, deviled egg, a random lettuce leaf, and potato casserole!
Dessert was pumpkin pie...I don't love the crust, so I let my little brother eat it.

I was stuffed! I offered to be the DD for my two brothers when we went to Bethesda to meet up with high school friends. It was crazy, as expected. I was being kind of lame, but I was full and still in my work clothes. Good to see everyone...I nerded it up a little by talking to a friend about blogs! Along with some friends, he recently rolled out a new blog which is totally different than mine, but super cool. Check it out: The Gallant

Got home around 2 and went to bed. Had to be awake for Thanksgiving prep the next day...

Thanksgiving recap coming soon...

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  1. D-- that was so sweet. I have to tell you I was very touched by the famIly's efforts for a special thanksgiving for me!!! It will always be one of my fondest memory, especially the turkey burgers and J's cheesy appetizer. Take care, auntie m


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