Wednesday, April 29, 2009

possibly paranoid about swine flu...

Monday, April 27, 2009

I finally hooked up my wireless internet, so tonight I'm blogging in the 88 degree weather on my little balcony.

I spent all weekend outside and got a little sun on my shoulders to show for it...

I got to see Master Amanda on Saturday. We didn't chai...we Proofed instead. It was refreshing...

Z and I (as usual) spent the whole weekend together and it was fantastic. I feel so blessed to have him.

I'm taking the plunge and switching over my residency to the District of Columbia... Unfortunately, it's not as easy as I'd like it to be. I'm able to do a lot of things online, which is great, but if I had my way...I'd do (almost) everything online!

So many things to title.driver's license.and more...

Also, I just realized that since it's dark outside, I can't see the keyboard, but haven't needed to glance down once. Growing up in the computer (AIM) age has made me a much more proficient typer...that or I have memorized where the 'backspace' button is. Ha...

No real reason for a blog, just wanted to test my wireless...and sit outside. Mmm warm weather is among us :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

it's earth day!!

my boyfriend's back and ...I'm really excited.
the end.

Monday, April 20, 2009

also, i think i'm funny.

i forgot to add that.

whoooo are you? oo oo, oo oo (let's get introspective)

there's always the way you'd like to think you see yourself, the way you want people to see you, and the way you really see yourself.
these don't ever line up for anyone. you can pretend that they do, but you'd just be...pretending.

i'd like to think that I'm a caring, generous, selfless, cultured, loving, thoughtful, open-minded, smart person. maybe that's who I want to be...
i think some people see these things in me too. maybe that's what I want them to see...

some days, I do things that surprise me:
i pass judgment, i think i would have done something differently (better) than other people, i roll my eyes, i BS the crap out of people, i get annoyed or impatient, i forget to be thankful, i take things and people for granted, i talk about people behind their backs, etc. some people might call this "human," but if we justify these behaviors and don't strive to be better, what happens?

i know who we are changes as we age, as we learn, as we experience, as we meet new people, and as we realize the things we don't like about ourselves.

the confusion of being that you're never really you. no one is original. this is what i conclude. we're all conglomerations of everything and everyone. maybe the various combinations of things that make us "us" are the ways we are unique. i don't know. this all makes sense in my head, but i always have problems articulating...

now for the motivation of this entry:
i did earth day stuff this weekend. watershed cleanup and free concert on the mall (los lobos, moe., and the flaming lips). i did these things because i wanted to be active in my community. here's where my dilemma lies...i went to the free concert because it's something i thought was something i would do...but really, i was tired. i could have just as easily stayed home. another dilemma, i didn't like moe. and didn't even really like the flaming lips. i stayed could i tell my friends (who love the lips) that i didn't stay...even though it was free and in my own backyard. sometimes i do things because i think people think i i do. but the other that sometimes i don't even know what i really like to do, or what kind of music i like to listen to etc. you know?

the last note i will leave on is this: today i thought to myself "geez, why does this person try so hard to be cool and have all these friends...??" and then i thought, "denise, why don't you try? why are you content on spending most of your time with your family and your boyfriend?" and then i realized "WOA, I ACTUALLY LIKE DOING THAT!!!" thank you, Jesus.

now seriously, i love my friends (alot!), and they know that. i like that i don't really have to try super hard to have these friends...we all kind of work together and it's great. but i think the reason i love that we don't have to go out and do something every weekend...even when we're together, we don't have to do anything! phew...

i'm not old, i'm not cheap, i'm not lazy...i just don't feel the need to be doing something all the time...that's all

haha i don't think any of the makes sense...however, this exercise was well worth it, because somehow i feel as though i've vented and now i feel better. comical.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Story Time

Story #1:

Well, this morning someone walked into my cube and saw a very elementary drawing of an aardvark.
The following conversation ensued:

man: Hm, an aardvark

me: yes, I drew that and I love them

man: interesting. I bet you didn't know that my dormitory mascot at college was Haggis the Aardvark.

me: no way, that's awesome.

man: yea, yesterday I saw a picture of an aardvark in a sweater.

me: I need that.

man: I'll find it for you.
So, he found it and sent it to me.

Story #2:

Last night when I got home from having Chipotle with my parents, I decided to make my "Hearty Greens Soup." I had the written recipe on my counter for a while and had about a pound and a half of kale hanging out in my fridge, so I knew it was time. I love chopping. I love cooking. I didn't get to taste it last night because I was super full and it was 10pm. So I packed it for lunch today. It was hearty and chunky and at first bite, the kale tasted like banana. I think it was my mind playing tricks on me again. After the 4th bite it was fine, though I did add some salt. Towards the end I crumbled up pretzels and put them in the bottom to soak up the somewhat-flavorless liquid. I crumbled pretzels into my lunch weirdo. Anyway.

It's Friday, folks. A day for aardvarks in sweaters and chunky soup!

Also: and This weekend.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

signed, SEALed delivered, I'm yours.

after four years of writing meaningless tidbits about my life on livejournal (, i have decided to switch to blogger.

i would rather write meaningless tidbits about my life in a blog atmosphere that seems more accepting ...and has a much better standard font. it also has a toolbar, which means i don't have to use stupid geek codes.

today i woke up happy...thanks to you.
wow, that's gross.
true, but gross.

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