Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jimmy Dean?

I finally made it home tonight (Wednesday) after having been at my parents since Sunday. I really need my car back...

After work:

Parents picked me up and we got Chipotle (second time in this week).

I picked up my comforter at the drycleaners.

It took me two trips from my parents car to get all my stuff (including yummy clementines from mom) upstairs.

I brought all my laundry home and sorted it on my bed...but haven't put it away yet.

Cut up two onions and two jalapenos. Sauteed those with some EVOO, chili packet, garlic and salt. Used my immersion blender to turn two cans of whole tomatoes into tomato sauce. Threw that all in the skillet for a few minutes. Drained a can of light kidney beans and black beans. Added those to the bottom of my crockpot and put the tomato mixture on top. Then added some frozen peas and corn. It's still hanging out on low. That will be my lunch tomorrow.
Chili today, hot tamale.

Then I peeled a bunch of adult carrots, so they're ready to eat, juice or roast. While I had my 5lb. bag out, I figured I'd juice some and store the juice with some lemon juice in the fridge.

Every time I juice carrots, there is so much pulp leftover and I hate throwing it I thought, I know you can make potato latkes, but what about carrot? So I googled away and found this recipe for Gingered Carrot Latkes. I figured I'd try it. I used my carton of egg whites equivalent to 3 eggs and used my jar of chopped ginger that I keep in the fridge. I fried them up and had to taste one. HOLY COW! They were #1 Delicious and #2 they tasted exactly like a Jimmy Dean sausage. Not that I really remember what that tastes like...but that's what popped into my head. AWESOME and easy recipe! Soooo exciting :)

To me, you're perfect.

(Ok, so that's from Love Actually, but I think it's totally acceptable to say that to a freakin' delicious carrot latke).

I need to do some form of exercise since it's 10pm and I didn't go to the gym...again. Ugh, tubby tubby.

9 more days until z comes home. Not that I'm counting...

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