Thursday, October 29, 2009

almost halloween.

z had been gone all week on a volunteer trip in Mississippi, so Saturday night, we walked to "Ben's Next Door" for dinner. I got an Abita Purple Haze and z got a "super cold" Heineken. They served mini corn muffins with butter, so I had to have one. Cute and tasty. To start, z got the house salad and I got the Crispy Tomato with Mozzarella with balsamic reduction, extra virgin olive oil, cracked pepper, and sea salt. It was sooo freakin' good, but because of my cooking class I wasn't super hungry. z gladly finished the rest of it. For my entree, I got the small house salad (z finished this off for me too) and z got the Brined Fried Chicken with coleslaw and “perfect” mashed potatoes (I got a nibble of both sides; yum). I thought about getting dessert, but z suggested we go somewhere else. We walked by an ice cream shop but I was too cold, so we looked for live music. Nothing was catching our ear, so z suggested we open a bottle of wine and listen to jazz. OK BY ME! We opened a 2002 Denira Red (my awesome parents brought me two bottles of wine and a cute Yosemite t-shirt from their California adventures). We listened to "Sketches of Spain" - Miles Davis and talked on the couch. It was a lovely evening!

We stayed in bed until about 10 (wow) and then headed to Starbucks for our Sunday morning breakfast of coffee, pastries and the Washington Post. We sat in Mt. Vernon Triangle (in the sun of course) so I could keep an eye on the kitten that lives under the Historical Society of DC museum. After reading the paper, we decided to actually go in to the museum that we see all the time. The Abe Lincoln gallery was pretty neat. Lots of different representations of Lincoln and in the middle of the room, there was a HUGE map of DC on lighted floor tiles. z loves map, so obviously we were on our hands and knees finding things :)

I love Sundays.

This week - over scheduled again.

Monday - work, bootcamp and the Greene Turtle for Monday Night (Redskins are terrible) Football with some buddies.
Tuesday - work, dishes, bathroom cleaning, late night z time.
Wednesday - early to work (that means a Starbucks treat for me) because z is insane/gets up at the crack of dawn had to go to work, laundry/food network at my parents, back to the hood
Thursday - date with h-pants, eggplant parm, sugar-free jello, grey's with exercise commercial breaks, and Halloween party prep
Friday - girls night in
Saturday - h-pants and B are having a Halloween costume party. z and I are doing a couples costume haha! More on that later...

In other food news:
-I have finally transitioned to Unsweetened Soymilk after 6 years of drinking soymilk. I don't know what I was so scared of. I'm never going back to the added sugar.
-I roasted an acorn squash this week and ate it with agave and cinnamon - yay Fall!
-I eat an insane amount of Gala Apples. They're the cheapest best at my grocery store.
-I got an Arugula-Spinach Salad Mix this week...I have never liked arugula and don't know why I'm trying to trick my taste buds. Nope. Don't like it. I'll stick to spinach and romaine.
-I'm back to eating a banana a day. I went a week without them and just felt odd.
-I'm making orange-chocolate cupcakes for Saturday. All you do is replace the water that the recipe calls for with orange juice. I'm still not sure what icing I'll be using, but I'm excited to try them out...
-I also really want to make these chocolate covered pretzel rods, but don't have a reason to...yet.
-There has been a bowl of candy on my desk for about two weeks, but I've been VERY good about not eating it (though I did have a nasty mini-moonpie the other day; gross).

Ok, that's all for now.

Hopefully as the week goes on...there will be photographic evidence of these things :)

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