Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It has been pointed out to me that I have been a major blog update slacker! There are plenty of reasons for this including, lack of time, making the gym a priority, no desire to stare at a computer after work, and did I mention lack of time?

I am now working back in Maryland which means my commute is long again. I would say its 40-45 minutes on a good day depending on traffic. I'm trying to become "zen" about it and realize that I made the decision to leave my on-site gig (15 minute commute). Being back in Maryland means a lot of good things: visiting with my family, seeing heidipants for lunch, seeing my other Maryland friends, working across the street from a Whole Foods AND making my relationship with Z a lot more like...a relationship :)
I don't really even know where or when to start my recap from...I guess I'll start from today and move backwards? That's logical to me.

I'm going to Stained Glass Pub with Mom, Dad and Grandma "B" and Auntie "M" tonight for half price pizza. Yum! EDIT: I went to SGP for cheese and veggie pizza...and a salad.
At dinner, my aunt brought me a present! An awesome Gandhi magnet and a bag of loose Rooibos Tea (I've been wanting some...so I think she read my mind!).

Today I bought hot sauce at Whole Foods and pickles at Giant. I've been having odd cravings lately...

I went to Whole Foods last night after work to pick up some groceries (and a $9 salad bar dinner). I got some baby eggplants, agave nectar, roasted yellow peppers, hearts of palm, kalamata olives, bulk almonds, baby spinach, lots of greek and regular yogurt, lots of flavored tofu, low-sodium chicken broth (for the soup making party my mom and I plan on having), vegetable tempeh, 365 cheddar and mozzarella, HUGE jar of 365 salsa, 365 blue corn chips, Drew's Honey Dijon Dressing, and Newman's Own Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing. I have no self control in that place...

Friday night I met up with Amanda and Rapha for some Panera and the List (wearethelist.com). It was an enjoyable evening (except for the rude, drunk old people that were flinging their bodies across the dance floor and scaring away all the children, ughhhh).

I went to New York over the weekend because Margarette (Mo) was visiting from South Carolina. I took at 9:30am MegaBus on Saturday morning and made it to Manhattan by 2pm. Not bad. Erica, Rachel and Mo picked me up which was sooo nice of them (and it saved a lot of time). We went to Burrito Poblano for chips/guac and nachos! MMM Then we headed to Kate P's place for dinner. Her kitten Humphrey is freakin' adorable. I ate some fresh salad and delicious rolls with REAL butter (it has been a while). I also drank 1 1/2 glasses of FRANZIA.
Later that night, we drove to Hawthorn (Erica's house) and had a great bonfire with musical singalongs and fireworks on the side! It was so nice. She has two pups, Madison and Clyde (the Conehead). They are Scottish Terriers, but they're WHITE. Weird, but adorable.
The next morning we had Starbucks (grande soy misto, one shot of pumpkin) and a pancake breakfast (no bacon for me!). We headed to a beautiful park with gorgeous views of the Hudson River. We walked around, climbed trees and listened to a story. What a glorious day! We headed to JFK Airport to drop Mo off. Erica and Rachel were nice enough to drive me back into the city so I could catch my 6pm bus back to DC. I did a little shopping (ATL) and walked to Penn Station to wait for my bus. It was thirty minutes late, but we still got back right before 11. I walked home, quickly unpacked, ate some brown rice with my homemade parsley-walnut pesto and got ready for bed. I couldn't sleep because I was paranoid about ticks from our nature walk. Good thing I didn't fall asleep because I got a call at 11:38pm from a certain boyfriend of mine who was also traveling home from NYC:

"Are you asleep?"
"They aren't running the yellow line today"
oh no, where are you?
come on over.
"ok see you in a few"

He's so cute and I'm glad we had a spontaneous sleepover. Precious.

Other things worthy of a blog update:
-I haven't missed Bootcamp since I started it a few weeks ago. It is a super intense workout and even though it's painful, I love it.
-I still don't like my job, but I'm learning to deal with it.
-I made butternut squash ravioli/dumplings. Roasted the squash. Scooped the guts. Mixed with cinnamon, salt and brown sugar. Stuffed them in my Nasoya Wonton wrappers and baked them. Yummy lunch.
-I haven't been eating my usual amount of salads and fear that I'm replacing them with not-so-good foods. I better get that in check (after the pizza tonight, of course).
-I'm maintaining my weight at 127 which feels DAMN good. Gotta keep it up.
-Z and I are going to the E Street Cinema on Thursday to see "WILLIE NELSON AND WYNTON MARSALIS PLAY THE MUSIC OF RAY CHARLES" on the big screen. Should be pretty awesome. It's at 8 but I'm going to try and see if Z wants some happy hour sushi before the show...yum.

I am stuffed beyond belief. It's time for me to get ready for tomorrow and then hop in bed!

More later.

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