Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's December?

Oh, I guess that would explain why it was so darn cold this morning!

I love my bed so much that I can never seem to get out of it when I need to. This morning wasn't as bad as yesterday, and I was up before my auto-brewed coffee had even finished filling the carafe :) Since I had showered, made my lunch and picked out my school clothes last night, I was able to sit down and have some coffee and oats while reading a cookbook.

B: Oats (water and soy), melted banana, cinnamon raisin PB with coffee and hazelnut Silk creamer
MMS: Honeycrisp Apple Cider Apple

L: Spinach salad with cottage cheese, wafer carrots and leftover tofurky (does not look appetizing); Apple Goji Yogurt

S: Chocolate Chip Z Bar, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea
Pre-Dinner Snack: Cheese and "salami" rollup.
For dinner, I was craving french toast. No idea why... So I made Arnold Sandwich Thins French Toast with egg whites, silk creamer, vanilla, and cinnamon.
Topped with half a banana and maple syrup. Yummy!!

Lately I have realized that I don't really watch my sugar intake. I focus on seeing low calorie and low/no fat on labels much more than I look at grams of sugar. Why is this a problem? Sugar that isn't burned off ultimately turns in to fat! Duh! Yogurt is where I'm having the biggest dilemma...I really enjoy yogurt and it's so delicious, but do I compromise flavor and health benefits just to lower the amount of money I spend sugar I consume?

Yogurt Comparison:
Fat Free Honey Chobani ($1.00+) - 6oz, 150 calories, 20g sugar, 16g protein, 20% calcium, no gelatin, no artificial flavors or preservatives, thick and yummy


Lucerne Light Yogurt Apple Goji ($0.50) - 6oz, 90 calories, 10g sugar, 5g protein, 4% calcium, contains kosher gelatin, sweetened with Splenda, runny and fake tasting

It seems like an obvious choice, but 20g is a LOT of sugar and paying over a dollar for 6 ounces seems insane. Ugh...

Other things of note:

It's almost 8 and I need to go to the gym and shower before z gets here at 9...ahh!

Happy Tuesday from an apartment near Chinatown!

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