Wednesday, December 2, 2009


It's December 2nd and I have yet to turn on the heat in my apartment. I'm so cheap when it comes to my electric bill, so I just throw on a sweatshirt or grab my boyfriend a blanket. The one problem with no heat is that if I get hot in the middle of the night, I shed some clothing and then come morning time, I'm too cold to get out of bed! (Note to self: stop starting blogs off with how much you hate getting out of bed)

For breakfast, I had a bowl of oats (soy, water, half a banana and cashew butter) and an orange-mango-goji smoothie.

Two days ago I threw a handful of goji berries into a pint glass of water. The berries plumped up and softened, turning the water a reddish-brown color. I threw the water and gojis into the blender with a splash of OJ and a couple pieces of frozen mango. I took it to go so I could drink the cold smoothie while blasting the heat in my car.

MMS: Handful of Kashi Go Lean and Pumpkin Spice tea

Lunch did not go according to plan. I had a lovely salad prepared, but that will have to wait until tomorrow because I got this text from my dad at 11:40: Want to meet @ Chipotle in 15 mins across from your office?

Oh no. There are two things I just can't say no to...Family and Chipotle. My dad scooped me at work and we met up with my mom. I got a veggie burrito bowl. I always mean to get the salad, but it's cold and rainy and I wanted something hearty. My bowl had black beans, tomato salsa, hot and mild salsa, corn, guac and lettuce. YUM! I saved some of the bowl for dinner.

Afternoon Snack: Honey Oikos Greek Yogurt (I honestly didn't think I'd need a snack after lunch, but I was wrong)

Dinner: Leftover Chipotle on a bed of spinach with a little cheese.

Dessert: Cut up apple with cinnamon raisin PB and cinnamon

Last night I was able to get to the gym, take a shower and put my Christmas tree up before 9! That meant when z got there, I was ready to relax!

Ok, I know it's a little pathetic and right in front of the intake, but I've got to work with the space I have!

Off to do hopefully do a podcast and wash some dishes!

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