Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Story Time

Story #1:

Well, this morning someone walked into my cube and saw a very elementary drawing of an aardvark.
The following conversation ensued:

man: Hm, an aardvark

me: yes, I drew that and I love them

man: interesting. I bet you didn't know that my dormitory mascot at college was Haggis the Aardvark.

me: no way, that's awesome.

man: yea, yesterday I saw a picture of an aardvark in a sweater.

me: I need that.

man: I'll find it for you.
So, he found it and sent it to me.

Story #2:

Last night when I got home from having Chipotle with my parents, I decided to make my "Hearty Greens Soup." I had the written recipe on my counter for a while and had about a pound and a half of kale hanging out in my fridge, so I knew it was time. I love chopping. I love cooking. I didn't get to taste it last night because I was super full and it was 10pm. So I packed it for lunch today. It was hearty and chunky and at first bite, the kale tasted like banana. I think it was my mind playing tricks on me again. After the 4th bite it was fine, though I did add some salt. Towards the end I crumbled up pretzels and put them in the bottom to soak up the somewhat-flavorless liquid. I crumbled pretzels into my lunch weirdo. Anyway.

It's Friday, folks. A day for aardvarks in sweaters and chunky soup!

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